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The employees were extremely helpful and explained the hiring process and usage steps very clearly. Excellent service providers. Thanks.

This being my third time using Streatham Rubbish Clearance, I called today to book. The staff was super-helpful, friendly, professional, and efficient. The booking was hassle-free and straightforward, all questions answered. Job scheduled for Monday. Highly recommend!

The level of service provided by Streatham Rubbish Disposal exceeded my expectations. They made sure my furniture was delivered and placed perfectly in my home.

The team at RubbishClearanceStreatham made quick work of removing my old and bothersome furniture, such as the large sofa-bed that had been causing me headaches for some time.

Thank you to the amazing waste collectors who made our job so much easier.

Dealing with other junk removal companies in the past has only made me appreciate these guys more - they truly set the bar high for others in the industry.

It's refreshing to come across a service like these guys who provide top-quality work at a reasonable price.

The team pulled up in a massive vehicle, dressed uniformly. They showed kindness and worked tirelessly.

We were thoroughly impressed by the dedication of this group! Not only did they arrive on time, but they also catered to all of our needs.

I'm impressed by how easy it was to work with this service - clear communication, on-time execution, and successful collection - thank you!

Despite the challenging weather, these two maintained a high level of excellence in their work.

Thanks to their prompt response, we were able to get rid of all our junk without any delay.

What a fantastic experience it was working with this garbage disposal crew - they were responsive on the phone and their hard work during inclement weather was admirable.

Speedy and efficient - these words perfectly describe the work of this waste removal team.

All of it was done in a neat, timely, proficient and polite manner!

Rubbish had been accumulating on our side yard over weeks until it started getting ridiculous; that's when we called in Streatham Junk Removal. Of course they did an amazing job like always and now my grandchildren can return to playing outdoors properly - thank you very much indeed!

Extremely happy with Streatham Waste Collection. They did an outstanding job and were incredibly cost effective.

Ultimately my mom agreed to declutter the attic so I got in touch with RubbishClearanceStreatham to take care of it right away. They were really fast and didn't charge an exorbitant amount - thank you very much!

Making the booking for Streatham Rubbish Clearance could not have been quicker or easier. Turned up at the arranged time and completed the job without hassle. We wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.

I checked out multiple waste removal companies before hiring Streatham Rubbish Clearance. Their rates are very reasonable, and the rubbish removal they did for me went well. I would hire these guys again.

The company sent to my place a high-quality team with a great sense of respect and integrity. The garden waste disposal service I received was great. Would definitely recommend.

I'm very glad I used Streatham Rubbish Clearance the other week. I had never needed a rubbish removal service before, but then again, I had never had so much junk cluttering up my garden. The service was very professional and the price I was quoted for the job definitely made it worthwhile. Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work!

Garage junk removal work is a thing of the past now that I know I can hire Streatham Waste Collection. Before, I used to spend long, tiring hours clearing out my garage when I could have just hired these people to help. With them taking care of business, the workload was reduced significantly and the whole thing was done in just over an hour. Why would you try and clear out your garage on your own when you can have these skilled people helping you?

I didn't have the manpower to remove all my rubbish by myself so I gave Streatham Junk Removal a call. I was worried that it would cost me an arm and a leg to get my rubbish cleared away, so I was stunned when I heard the price quoted for the entire job. Their team were friendly, hard working and professional and made a big difference to the way I use my loft space.

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